Unfortunately, the answer is no. If you are unable to negotiate the way the account will appear on your credit report, what will happen is that the debt will appear on your credit report as “Paid”, or “Paid Collection”. This will help your credit score only marginally, but having this collection paid is definitely better than unpaid. So why would someone want to pay off a debt, then?

  • If you are purchasing a home, the mortgage company is absolutely going to force you to pay this collection off. You just aren’t going to be able to argue with them, even if you think the collection is unfair, or you are still fighting to prove it isn’t yours.
  • Don’t you want to get those pesky collection agencies off your back? You can run, but you can’t hide – they will find you eventually.
  • How about the moral reasons? If the debt is yours, don’t you think you own up to it? Someone paid good money for the goods or service you received and you haven’t compensated them for it.