There is NOWHERE where it says that a bankruptcy should stay on your credit NOT EVEN 1 DAY. The law states that a bankruptcy HAS to be removed after the 10 year mark. Most people get confused by this law, because they think it is a necessary item to be reported on their credit, when the truth of the matter is that NOTHING has to be reported on your credit.

The sad thing about it is, that the courts do not even report bankruptcy. IF you doubt this fact please feel free to call the courts; here is the phone number to the obe in Idaho (208)334-1074. They will tell you that they NEVER report to the credit bureaus. So where do they get this information? they seek it out from public records, and put it upon themselves to report it. that leaves them the burden of proof.

I could write two more pages on this subject, but I hope this has helped you and please keep the questions coming.
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